Volume and Classic Fundamentals is a comprehensive course geared toward lash artists with no prior experience. Application and fan-making and all about classic artistry are the core components of the course with the additional hybrid styling module. The course covers detailed lash extension specifications and business practices to help you gain all the foundational knowledge you need to start your career.





• Volume and Classic theory, Hybrid intro
• Fills and aftercare
• All about tweezers
• The secrets of working with the adhesive
• Artificial eyelash gluing techniques
• Correct and wrong eyelash attachment
• Ideal condition to work with the adhesive
• Isolation and taping methods
• Technology of eyelash extension
• The fans, their geometry and the rules of production
• Rules of perfect setting of eyelash fan
• Direction of eyelashes extension
• Creating balance and controlling density
• Transitions between lengths and curls
• Client consultation and management
• Working with rows
• Business policies and pricing
• Eye modelling and effect building
• Work station set-up
• Hands on model practice
• Studying and correction of eye forms and face geometry
• Face geometry
• Eye symmetry and eyelash extension technique
• Lash removals
• Secrets of long wearing of artificial eyelashes (extreme length)
• Correction of new extension
• Typical mistakes of artists that affect the term of wearing
• How to take care of tweezers
• Allergies in eyelash buildup
• Social media and marketing
• Secrets of perfect photos and videos


*Includes Russian and classic manual, social media manual, starter kits

*2 day course

*No prior experience

*Russian Volume foundation course R6000




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