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In the year 2006, my Indian neighbour Rubina taught me her threading technique. She basically trusted a 13 year old to practice on her brows. I remember applying this skill on everyone around me from my teachers, peers and family. I'm still learning & will try to master the skill.

So what is Threading? It's an anchient hair removal technique to remove all unwanted facial or eyebrow hairs. It's really not that painful as it sounds. The type of thread makes a world of difference. If you're a first time client with me or you have virgin brows, please follow these tips below:

Eyelash Extentions

Classic Lashes

A single 0,15 - 0,20 lash is applied to 1 isolated eyelash. It is suitable for the client that has a good amount of healthy natural lashes,that are younger and have few gaps in their lash line, that desire a natural/medium effect. 75 minutes


Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid technique is a combination of two different lash application techniques rolled into one set of lashes. For example, Single classic lash extensions are mixed with volume lash extensions throughout the lashline. This type of lash technique gives lash techs the freedom to be creative and develop their lash application skills. This is achieved by adding long lengths of classic lashes that are strategically placed to create a frame and filled in between with the volume extensions to give a spiky textured look. Kim Kardashian is known for her hybrid set. 105 minutes


Cashmere volume Lashes

With Russian Volume Lashes, the lash technician attaches more than one lash extension fiber to the natural lash by fanning them to make them appear like more lashes are growing from one stem. Depending on the effect the client wants, the technician can use 2 to 10, 0.05mm - 0.07mm extensions per fan. The number of lashes used per fan is also dependent on the thickness of the extension. The lighter the extension, the more lashes per fan can be used. 120 minutes



These special lashes are designed with different curls and lengths on one line. New level of lash styling for special wispy look. Combination of C and C+ curl. 0.03 mm Pandora Collection is perfectly soft and very light. Extremely black finish allows to create deep black Mega Volume set faster. this lash thickness allows to build "15 d fans". This requires a lot of skill and focus and is best for a Glam or special occasion. 135minutes



Once you've done a full set of eyelash extension, you're required to come in periodically for "fills". Fills are simply new lashes placed on natural lashes as the old ones fall off. Ideally, you'll come in every two to four weeks, but longer wait times may mean it will take longer to fill the lashes as more lashes will need to be filled. The client’s lashes have a natural growth cycle, just like hair. Natural lashes fall off anywhere from 60-90 days and new ones will grow in to replace them. Refills are priced according to the remaining lashes. We require atleast 40% of lashes to refill them. A fullset will need to be done on lashes less than that.90 minutes


Eyelash Lift

A lash lift is an eyelash treatment to enhance and curl eyelashes upwards. Similar to lash extensions, you can customize your lash lift curl in order to suit your eye shape or just your lash preference. You can usually choose between three shield size options, and your lash technician will help you choose the best fit depending on your hair length and eye-shape. You can also choose to fan your lashes outwards or lift them straight up as high as possible. This is a low maintenance treatment and it lasts up to 6 weeks. The results are instant! 75minutes Benefits include:

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