With a few simple care instructions, you will be on your way to enjoying your luscious long lashes. To increase the longevity of your lashes, it is advised to avoid moisture and touching as much as possible


•Do not get your lashes soaking wet in warm or hot water for 24 hours after the lash extensions are applied. It will affect the efficacy of the adhesive

•Avoid steam from showers, facials, saunas and swimming pools

•Avoid getting moisture around the eye area when washing face, showering, etc.

•Avoid tanning beds for 48 hours after application

•Avoid chemical peels, waxing or laser treatments around the eyes


•Do not use waterproof mascara. If you can, it is better not to use any mascara and you may find you don’t even need it!

•Wash around the eye area with the recommended lash cleanser, even if you are not wearing eye makeup. Natural oils produced in the skin can affect the adhesive, so it needs to be cleansed daily

•Avoid rubbing your eyes or lashes, especially when washing your face. It is recommended to clean around the eye area with a washcloth or cotton swab

•Do not use an eyelash curler – it will pull off the lashes. One of the benefits of lash extensions is the ability to add curl to your lashes. If you would like more curl, please speak to your lash technician

•If you can, sleep on your back to avoid the risk of your lashes rubbing against your pillow

•Gently brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand to groom them – once or twice a day is sufficient, do not over brush. The best time do this is after showering, as they will be softer and less likely to damage.

•Never trim your eyelashes. If you want them shorter, let your technician know at next appointment

•Avoid pulling your lashes, and do not attempt to remove yourself. If you would like them removed, please contact your lash technician

•Avoid sunscreens, especially spray sunscreens, around the eye area. Spray tans should be okay.

•Most eyeliners will be okay to use, except for gel pencil liners because they tend to be oily

•No cotton balls may be used around lashes

•If you experience any pain, redness or irritation, contact your technician immediately

•If you choose to use products outside those recommended by your lash specialist, you do so at your own risk


Lash extensions are semi-permanent. Your natural lashes go through stages of growth during their life cycle, before shedding and making room for new lashes. When we see clients for the first time, we have no way of knowing how long mature natural lash will stay in place before shedding. Lash extensions normally shed at a rate of 4 each day. Additionally, spring and autumn bring high levels of natural lash shedding. Proper care of your lash extensions can contribute to better retention.