A properly trained and certified lash artist knows how to select and apply appropriate eyelash extensions based on your length and strength of your natural lash. Your lash artist's first priority should be to preserve your natural lash and eye health. Your eyelash extensions should never hurt or cause your natural lash to break off. It is recommended to never pull or tug on your eyelash extensions so as not to damage the natural lash. Your extension will shed with your natural lash cycle.
Yes, please! Make sure your eyelashes are squeaky clean – no traces of eye makeup – prior to your appointment. Use an oil-free make up remover if possible, and rinse well. Any traces of oil or makeup (especially mascara) will create a barrier between the adhesive and your natural lashes, causing your extensions to drop off prematurely.
There are three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk, and mink. We use cruelty-free synthetic mink lashes, which are made from PolyButylene Terephthalate (PBT). They are precision-made, distinctively lighter, softer, more durable, and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes.
Before beginning the process, we will consult with you over the style you are interested in and what you'd like to achieve with your lash extensions. We will also examine your eyelashes to determine what your lashes will be able to "hold" with regards to thickness and length of the extensions as everyone's lashes vary in strength. We will also take into consideration your eye shape when creating your look. Overall looks are natural but can be made to be more dramatic if desired.
We only take bookings online via the online booking portal. Alternatively, you can download the Fresha app on your mobile app store and search for Lashcore. The online bookings shows 5 weeks advance schedule time and the following months slots are opened on the last day of each month. If you can't seem to find a date please send us a whatsapp message during 9am - 5pm on weekdays to check if we recieved any cancellations.
I no longer work after hours and my last booking finishes at 4:30pm. I have limited Saturday bookings until 1pm. I do apologise for any inconveniences. If I'm able to accomodate any urgent after hour bookings, I will gladly assist.
Human beings are mammals and as such we still experience seasonal lash sheds in both spring and autumn just like how our pets moult. At these times of the year, your clients may go through a period of losing more than their normal amount of Eyelash Extensions. Their natural lashes will be going through a major lash shed, taking extensions with them. Some may notice it with their hair on the head as well. Their natural lashes can look thinner and sparse where the anagen lashes are starting to grow through. Clients that experience this will need to reschedule sooner for refill. If you are uncertain as to whether you had a lash shed or not, when you come back for an refill we'll inspect the lash line for growth of the new baby lashes (anagens).
It may not be common knowledge, but medications can cause eyelash extensions to fall off. Thyroid medications can alter the environment around the lash area. The result of the medicine may involve becoming oilier, drier or more brittle. Everyones lashes generally respond differently. Some vitamins may cause your hair to grow and others may cause your hairs to fall faster. Some clients notice during menstruation or when the body is under stress they tend to lose more than usual so we schedule their follow up appointments sooner. Other medicines may cause the eyelash extensions not to stick at all. It depends on the medicine and its reaction in the client's body.
If you've never had eyelash extensions applied before then we recommend booking a full-set 2 weeks before your wedding date or departure date at the latest. And then to book a fill 1 or 2 days before the date. This will allow time to experiment with different lashes, learn proper aftercare and ensure there are no allergies to the product. My past brides would usually book 1-2 days before the wedding. Please email us to book for an advanced date to secure your slot.